Central Region Ambassadors

  • 'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. -William Shakespeare.'

    As a patient experience concierge, I interact with patients while they're in the hospital, and also after discharge to ensure that they're getting the best care that they deserve.  As a administrative assistant to the DAISY Team at my facility, I have the opportunity to read the wonderful stories that our patients and family members write about our nurses. It is very heartwarming to know that our nurses are getting the recognition that they deserve.

    Mercy Cunningham
    Medical City Arlington
    DAISY Coordinator
  • I feel so blessed and appreciative of the fact my work was recognized and that I could make a difference in a patient and their families lives.

    Brittany Waller
    OSF Healthcare Saint Francis Medical Center
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • I am so proud to serve my veterans. To be able to give all the compassion, my hands for charity for the veterans in need, my knowledge to assist the patients and families when in need. 
    The truth in my heart for love of my profession as a nurse. 
    The DAISY Award is a great honor for myself, for my peers and for my facility, El Paso VA - Las Cruces CBOC Clinic.

    Mary Lucille Palomino
    El Paso VA Health Care System
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    El Paso
  • A career in helping others will pay a lifetime of dividends.

    Omar Garcia
    Baylor, Scott & White Medical Center
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • Being a DAISY Team Award winner is such a humbling experience. Together our team provided exceptional care of our patients and this award recognized all our team for a job well done. I'm so proud of all of our nurses and the true difference they make each and every day!

    Meredith Hartzog
    University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston and Ambulatory Care
    DAISY Team Award Honoree
  • On those days when I am exhausted and challenged and I think nobody understands what a nurse goes through, I remember the morning I received a bright yellow bouquet of yellow daisies. I cried that morning. I had been a nurse for 24 years. Half my life at the time. Having received the DAISY Award reminds me that there are those people out there who understand. It makes the hard days easier. Every morning I get ready for work I am reminded by seeing the sculpture 'The Healer's Touch' on my dresser and I know the day is going to be ok.

    Michele Robison
    Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • It is truly an amazing gift to honor Patrick's legacy by celebrating the finest in nursing!

    Lisa Rouse
    Mercy Hospital Springfield
    DAISY Coordinator
  • Ever since I became a nurse I was driven to be the best nurse I could be. Throughout the years I have be blessed to touch the lives of many patients and staff and I truly had no idea the impact I was making until a nursing assistant contacted me many years later to let me know that I inspired her to go to Nursing School.  I take great pride in the impact I have as a Nurse Leader upon nurses. The DAISY foundation allows me to live out my mission of inspiring nurses to be the best that they can be by putting a spotlight on excellent nursing care and having a platform for nurses to see what a great nurse looks like. I would definitely have to say that presenting DAISY Awards to Wesley nurses is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job and it is a great way to "fill my cup".

    Jennifer Magill
    Wesley Healthcare
    DAISY Coordinator
  • It has been a great pleasure to assist in acknowledging nurses that go above and beyond to provide caring and compassionate care.

    Laura Green
    Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital
    DAISY Coordinator
  • "I am so grateful for the recognition I received as I strive to care with the utmost compassion. It definitely brought tears to my eyes to hear how appreciated I am by the families I care for and my coworkers, who support me during harder days."

    Morgan Brown, RN, BSN
    UnityPoint Health-Des Moines Blank Children's Hospital, Des Moines, IA
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    Des Moines
  • "It is a joy and privilege to serve as our DAISY Coordinator and true blessing to be a part of such a remarkable program which recognizes nurses for the compassionate care they provide each and every day – not because they are directed to; but because it is who they are and because of the passion they share for their fellow man. A DAISY nurse is an extraordinary nurse because they keep the focus on the patient and family; maintaining the humanistic reality of nursing in focus. I have had the honor of meeting the Barnes family and hosting Tena as a guest presenter during one of our DAISY celebrations; all are truly amazing individuals who have impacted nursing far beyond what they can even imagine - what a blessing for our profession and a beautiful tribute to Patrick."

    Jody Collins, MSN, RN
    Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital, The Woodlands, TX
    DAISY Coordinator
    The Woodlands
  • “The DAISY Award was a wonderful award to receive because it rewarded me for providing compassionate care to my patients. This award is very special because it is not about my degree or academic achievements. The DAISY Award is about how I care for my patients and shows that my patient's family and my co-workers see how much I love to care for others.”

    Christi Duerksen, RN
    Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    Sioux Falls
  • “I love reading through the nominations from patients and families validating the great care we deliver at MH-TMC. Our monthly presentations are exciting and our winners are so humble. I am so proud to work side by side with such nursing partners!”

    Virginia Earley, MSN, RN, CMSRN
    Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX
    Director of Professional Nursing Practice, Former DAISY Coordinator
  • "As a DAISY Coordinator I get to read all the incredible stories of all our wonderful and compassionate nurses that go above and beyond expectations to meet the needs of our patients and their families. I love having the chance to thank them for all they do and give them the recognition they deserve."

    Meredith Hartzog, BSN, CVRN, BA
    University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston and Ambulatory Care, Galveston, TX
    Co-Chair, Nursing Retention Council, DAISY Coordinator
  • "When I first learned of the DAISY program I was immediately touched personally. My son has an autoimmune illness and I can only imagine what Patrick Barnes went through. In coordinating our program I felt called to help implement this wonderful program as nurses deserve the recognition of the compassionate care we provide to our patients. With each award that is presented the nurses are always humble and honored to be recognized as a nurse who took the time to be with the patient. Thank you, Barnes Family for such a wonderful program."

    Summer Hughes, BSN, RNC-Inpatient OB
    Medical Center Alliance, Fort Worth, TX
    Director of Women's Services, DAISY Coordinator
  • "Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts." -Charles Dickens

    Joyce Lemieux, RN, BSN
    NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Jonesboro, AR
    Head Nurse, DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • “I was very surprised to be acknowledged at my hospital for the care that I honestly feel I am expected to provide to my little patients each shift. Taking care of children is very rewarding in itself. But to receive the DAISY Award actually validated and celebrated what I feel the motivation of a nurse should be towards her patients. Hearing the story submitted by a parent of a patient that I had cared for was a reminder of the effect and impression we can have on our families. Having administration, management, and co-workers be a part of the presentation was awesome. I felt so proud to be a nurse! Both the statue and a silk replication of the flowers that I was given as a DAISY Award winner still grace my fireplace mantle. When I look at the statue, it reminds me of Patrick's story, and the real reason that I am a nurse.”

    Kim Lindley, RN
    St. Luke's Hospital, Chesterfield, MO
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • "In my opinion, it is the greatest honor a nurse could receive to be nominated by a patient or their family. They are the reason we do this amazing job!"

    Shelly Mollette, RN
    Arkansas Children's Hospital
    RN II Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • "I have always had a great admiration for past DAISY Honorees. After learning of the program’s history, I truly understood what a positive impact nurses have on their patient’s every day. I am so honored to be a part of such a reputable group of nurses!"

    Alexandra Pierce, BSN, RN
    Saint Lukes East Hospital
    ICU Staff Nurse, DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • “When I received my DAISY Award for Excellence in Nursing in 2012 it represented both the pinnacle of my nursing career and the sense of heartfelt warmth that only fellow nurses know when being acknowledged for doing what we all do best and realizing that some of those unheralded, financially unrewarded deeds were noticed and respected!! I was truly surprised, amazed and awed by the process and the warm ceremony that involved my family and co-workers. I am inspired to carry on this work so other nurses can experience the truly remarkable sense of their impact on our patients whom we love so much.”

    Christel Vogel, RN
    Bozeman Deaconess Health Services, Bozeman, MT
    DAISY Nurse Honoree