DAISY Ambassadors

Become a DAISY Ambassador. Over the years, DAISY Coordinators and Honorees have asked how they can help The DAISY Foundation. You who have received The DAISY Award are the reason we do what we do, and we are very grateful for your support and involvement. You who run the program at your organization know how powerful the impact is on Honorees and all who celebrate with them.  So we invite you to join our DAISY Ambassador program.

Who are DAISY Ambassadors? 

DAISY Honorees and Coordinators who would like to help us achieve our Vision of having The DAISY Award in every healthcare organization that wants it and will do what it takes to make it meaningful for their nurses.

What do DAISY Ambassadors do?

Share your experiences of receiving or running The DAISY Award with other nurses in the community. This will entail a simple phone call or email to a nurse in your area that is considering bringing the program to her/his organization.

Provide a quote that we may use in our marketing materials, explaining what receiving The DAISY Award means to you. Again, a simple email will be wonderful - and a photo for our website, too.

If you are available to do so, spend an hour at our DAISY Display at a nursing conference you are already attending. This is not mandatory, of course. However, if you have the time, we would appreciate your joining us to answer questions, describe your experience, and share your contagious enthusiasm.

You will not be asked to help us raise money.

We welcome your ideas and hope you will consider becoming a DAISY Ambassador. If you would like more information about becoming an Ambassador please contact Erin Ascher erinascher@daisyfoundation.org.

If you are ready to become an Ambassador please complete our Become a DAISY Ambassador form.

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