Yvette Rolle


Yvette Rolle

Chamberlain College of Nursing (Houston)
Houston, TX
United States
"Her teaching style should be modeled and become the standard for every professor on campus."

"Professor Rolle is an amazing Professor!  I am typically harder on my professors teaching styles because I have a degree in education and taught secondary education.  Her teaching style should be modeled and become the standard  for every professor on campus.  She is compassionate and genuinely cares about the success of each student enrolled in her courses.  I was successful in every class after 222 because of the knowledge I gained in that course.  I then had her for maternal and I retained the information she taught and my NCLEX score is a reflection of that.  She is simply the BEST!"

"This professor teaches students what they need to know. She goes through the study guide with the student. She cares about students and the expense of students for their education. She helps student to pass NOT Fail."

"She is just the best. She is so caring, helpful and genuine in all that she does! She makes us students feel valuable and comfortable to learn and ask questions that others might pose as "dumb." "

"One of the best teachers that Chamberlain has. One of the most student oriented professors,  who actually cares about her students learning the information and them  personally."