Yolanda Alvarez Nitti


Yolanda Alvarez Nitti, PhD,RN

Benjamin León School of Nursing Miami Dade College
Miami, FL
United States

Yolanda Alvarez Nitti, PhD, RN is an Associate Professor at Benjamin León School of Nursing Miami Dade College.
Yolanda encourages MDC nursing students to participate in “Walk for the Cure of Breast Cancer”, “Diabetes” and “Lupus: and Health Fairs to raise awareness on Breastfeeding, Prenatal care, and Sexually Transmitted Infections.  Yolanda is a role model for Maternal-Child nursing, advocate of women and infants, an administrator and contributes to the educational process to improve the quality of maternal-child nursing education.   Yolanda strives to improve health disparities among Immigrant Latina women and children in USA with prevention and education while mentoring nursing students to follow her lead.