Tracie Bishop


Tracie Bishop, MSN

Cox College
Springfield, MO
United States
You can tell that teaching and nursing are not just a job to Professor Bishop but truly her calling and passion

Professor Bishop has gone out of her way, not just for me but my classmates, this semester. Personally, I was ready to walk out on my dream of becoming a nurse this semester. Professor Bishop hunted me down at work. She fought for and with me to help create a plan and then worked with me every single week to make that plan a reality. She has gone out of her way to create study sessions for our class, answer questions (even at 11:30 PM) and bent over backwards to give us every opportunity to learn and succeed.  When in clinicals with her, I felt like I learned a thousand different little things on how to improve in my own ability to care for patients. It was all stuff that you can’t teach or is hard to even put in to words, because it’s just the gut stuff that makes a great nurse.  Observing her in action though taught me so many little things to be aware of and take note of or improve on as a nurse. Then, over spring break, I was able to work alongside her at Camp Barnabas, and again was amazed at the care, compassion, and love she exemplified to every camper, staff member, and student nurse. You can tell that teaching and nursing are not just a job to her but truly her calling and passion. Professor Bishop is hard. She is the hardest professor, instructor, preceptor I have ever had. But, she is truly amazing and kind.  Because of her, I know I will be prepared to be a nurse and know how to do the job well.