Tish Gill


Tish Gill, DNP, RN

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Tish received many nominations.  Following are a few excepts:

“Tish Gill is a great professor who truly cares about her students. She wants to help us understand important nursing concepts. In the clinical setting, she had us get out of our shells and overcome our fears of interacting with clients (one of my first community homes).”

“Tish always goes out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of and nobody needs anything. She is approachable and personable. She has a lot of enthusiasm for teaching, and for nursing in general. She motivates everyone to do their best, and quite honestly I would not be where I am today without her giving me the confidence.”

“Tish is always respectful and enthusiastic in the classroom and quickly became a mentor to several students. She’s caring, funny, and flexible, and talks to everyone in a way that makes them feel comfortable.”

“Tish is helpful both inside and outside of the classroom since I first started working with her Sophomore year. Not only did she respond to my plethora of emails, she instilled confidence in me to take my academic career to another level and expand my horizons through engagement at the SNAP Conference and TUFFMAN. She has also helped me along the way professionally through guidance with writing many revisions of my resume and cover letter as well. Furthermore, when I had problems in my personal life, she was willing to help me deal with those as well. She's an amazing professor and person.”