Susan Tighe


Susan Tighe, MS, RN

Concordia College
Bronxville, NY
United States
Her passion for nursing is immediately apparent upon meeting her.

Susan Tighe is a commendable nurse and educator.  She also portrays the leadership styles that are vital for a great team. She goes out of her way to create opportunities for her students. Susan Tighe is consistent and fair in her teaching and guidance.  She always advocates for her students and is always more than willing to help. Susan Tighe keeps herself informed about new research in the nursing field and is very thorough about sharing her knowledge.  Her passion for nursing is immediately apparent upon meeting her. This is one of the aspects that reflects her incredible work ethic which she incorporates in her style of teaching and motivates her students to emulate.

Susan Tighe has a way with patients that makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Her patient teaching is firm and clear yet empathetic and without judgment.  She interacts with her students in the same manner.

I have learned so much from her. She is the kind of individual that I look to as a role model and inspires me to push myself forward. I have heard the same statements from every student I have spoken to that has worked with her.

I can say with certainty that Susan Tighe is a praiseworthy candidate for the DAISY Faculty Award and should be recognized for the incredible impact she has made on so many students.