Susan Apold


Susan Apold, PhD, RN, ANP-BC

Concordia College - New York, Division of Nursing and Health Studies
Bronxville, NY
United States

Dr. Susan Apold

Listening to one of her lectures, you can hear the passion for her vocation in her voice. She is inspiring as an educator, motivational as a nurse, and compassionate as a mentor. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Despite the plethora of awards that she has won, letters after her name she has earned, and formidable task as Dean of Nursing and Health Studies, she is warm and approachable and takes the time to talk with each and every one of her students. She is engaged, fair and unbiased towards her students and fellow faculty members and celebrates their successes whether big or small.

As a role model, she embodies the qualities of professionalism, patience, passion, caring and integrity that all professional nurses should aspire to possess.

As an academic leader, she possesses poise, intellect, creativity, forward-thinking and passion for her profession that can only serve to inspire her peers.