Shu-Yi (Emily) Wang


Shu-Yi (Emily) Wang, PhD, RN, CNS

Regis University
Denver, CO
United States
I always remember her (Dr. Wang's) philosophy share to students "He or she may be one of your 100 patients, but you are his or her one and only nurse."

Dr. Wang received many nominations:
- I was fortunate to have Dr. Wang as a professor and mentor. Her passion for nursing and teaching showed in every single one of her lectures. I really appreciated the fact that her notes and presentations were original, and that she took the time to add the necessary details to help facilitate her student's learning. Dr. Wang was always quick to recognize any knowledge deficits exhibited by students, and consequently made sure that she did whatever was needed to fill in those gaps to help each student grasp the material being taught. Dr. Wang inspired me with her stories about nursing and what it really means to be a "Good Nurse". She encouraged every student in her classes to put their patient's needs first, even if that meant just sitting and talking with them. Learning from Dr. Wang has enhanced my own abilities as a nurse as she has shown great compassion and understanding for others. During my time as a student nurse and now as a practicing registered nurse there have been numerous occasions where I have needed advice or mentor support. Dr. Wang has always been highly responsive and supportive providing books, resource materials, and even years of nursing wisdom to counsel me. One of my biggest take away quotes from Dr. Wang's class was to, "Remember to always be a good nurse". It reminds me to think of why I want to be a nurse and helps me strive to be better every day.
- Dr. Shu-Yi ("Emily") Wang has, hands down, been the best professor I have ever had. Her dedication to developing the mind and heart of the professional nurse is palpable in her teaching and her commitment to her students. Instead of simply teaching to the material of the course, Dr. Wang focuses on teaching students how to think through the pathophysiology of a patient's disease, make connections to the patient's signs and symptoms, and identify independent nursing interventions. This type of teaching enables students to make connections between the classroom and the clinical setting. Moreover, Dr. Wang makes class fun and interactive, which lends to the effectiveness of her teaching. On a personal level, Dr. Wang is approachable and encouraging; she understands the rigor of the Accelerated BS Nursing Program and seeks out and emphasizes her student's strengths in the classroom to contribute to the success of the class. I personally hold Dr. Wang in the highest regard, as she is not only an accomplished professor and nurse, but also makes herself available as a mentor. She has shaped me as a future nurse and encouraged me to use both my head and my heart in my practice. I will carry her passion and professionalism with me as I begin my career.
- Emily Wang has been such an inspiration to me. She has given me the strength and motivation to power through the accelerated program and has encouraged me to continue my dream to become a nurse when I was tired and discouraged. She helped me to see and fulfill my potential and has given me the knowledge base that makes me confident that I will not only pass the NCLEX but will more importantly make an amazing nurse. I'm sure that she has touched many students lives, but she has the gift of making you feel as though you are the only one that excellent quality and requirement for a successful nurse and professor!
- I am proud to be her colleague since 2012. She is a master teacher who exemplifies Ignatian principles such as cura personalis in every interaction with students encouraging them to be men and women for others. While students typically admire their faculty, dozens of nursing students have made it a point to recognize Emily's outstanding efforts while teaching in lecture and lab. Emily is constantly searching for ways to improve learning, to reach every student she teaches. She revamps courses to keep them as relevant and up to date as possible and develops engaging relationships with students that encourages them to question what they don't know in a safe and supportive environment. Emily also serves as the ultimate role model, not only for the knowledge and skills needed of a generalist nurse but also for the attitudes that honor the nursing profession. I always remember her philosophy share to students "He or she may be one of your 100 patients, but you are his or her one and only nurse." Lastly, her dedication to a strong work ethic and the need to always provide quality work benefit students as well as part-time and fulltime faculty at LHSON. To her, teaching excellence is not limited to students but extends this philosophy to her colleagues as well, as both an engaging mentor and educational partner. Through her actions, she inspires other faculty to reach their fullest potential as superior teachers.