Pamela Hopkins

Paul Monagan, Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences & Dr. Pamela Hopkins, Professor, Tyler Junior College

Pamela Hopkins, PhD, MS, BSN, RN

Tyler Junior College; Associate Degree Nursing
Tyler, TX
United States
She's great with students of all needs whether you're a visual learner, or a kinesthetic learner.

Dr. Hopkins has impacted my life in the short time that I have been in her class here at Tyler Junior College.  She will go out of her way to make sure you're getting the material and spend her office hours explaining and helping you.  Even if she's missing time to grade, check emails, etc.  Dr. Hopkins is an excellent educator and she knows her stuff.  She's great with all students of needs whether you're a visual learner, or a kinesthetic learner.  Dr. Hopkins will make sure you have understood everything and always encourages you to contact her if not.  Her years of experience shows in the classroom along with the caring attitude she has for her students.  Our class would like to nominate Dr. Hopkins because she is a true educator.  I know Dr. Hopkins loves her job because when I see her she always has a smile.  Dr. Hopkins also can relate real world scenarios that have happened in her life to help you understand why it's important to learn and master a skill to be an excellent nurse.  Dr. Hopkins always says, "never say you can't do something" and that is enough to know that Dr. Hopkins is deserving and that I will miss her when I go on to level two, because right now I believe I can because of Dr. Hopkins.


Brittney Hogan