Nakiesha Shepherd

Nakiesha Shepherd, MSN, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor

Nakiesha Shepherd, MSN, RN

Loewenberg College of Nursing, University of Memphis
Memphis, TN
United States

Professor Nakiesha Shepherd was nominated for her excellence in teaching, quality relationships with learners and collaborative relationships.  She establishes high standards for her students.  They may initially complain, but they are filled with feelings of accomplishment once they start meeting those standards.  They realize that they are being moved toward excellence in nursing.  Professor Shepherd is able to help students bridge the gap between didactic content and application to patient care by role modeling, asking questions, and coaching to provide safe, appropriate care.  One student said, "It's been a gift to have her as my instructor, because I have been pushed to think critically about care for my patients wherever my nursing career takes me."  Faculty also value her many gifts including her listening skills, expertise and constructive feedback that encourages others to focus on the desired goal and maintain high standards.