Melissa Bradley


Melissa Bradley, RN, BSN

Galen College of Nursing
Cincinnati, OH
United States

On October 23, 2010, the Cincinnati Galen College of Nursing presented the DAISY award for outstanding nursing faculty to Ms.Melissa Bradley.  Ms. Bradley has been with the Cincinnati campus since November, 2008 and teaches Concepts of Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing.  Melissa’s nomination came not from the staff or management of Galen but by the Galen students themselves.  Students wrote examples of excellence such as:


“This instructor always found a way to break down the information to a level that we could understand.”

“This instructor has a high level of knowledge and is always willing to help in any way.”

“We knew this instructor was always here for us and always looking out for our best interest. She wanted us to succeed both in nursing as well as in life.”


It was my pleasure on behalf of The Galen College of Nursing and The DAISY Foundation to have presented the DAISY Faculty Award to this outstanding faculty member.