Maureen Tomiello


Maureen Tomiello

Advocate Christ Medical Center (ACMC) Schools of Nursing
Oak Lawn, IL
United States

Maureen Tomiello, MSN, RN, Chamberlain College of Nursing faculty, has exemplified excellence as a role model for her students during their pediatric rotation at Advocate Children’s Hospital-Oak Lawn, Illinois. She collaborates with the charge RN to provide the best experience for her students and demonstrates enthusiasm in teaching and mentoring the nursing students to use their critical thinking skills with even the smallest of tasks. The nurse’s feedback regarding Maureen is “She is thorough; keeps her students engaged; she and her students will help other staff and answer call lights; she is attentive to the needs of her students, patients and all staff; she is kind and fair”. Maureen and her students have presented several poster presentations for our staff. Maureen exemplifies Advocate’s behaviors of excellence! She portrays the Essentials of Magnetism:

1. Working with other nurses (staff RNs, APNs) who are clinically competent.

2. Demonstrates good nurse/physician relationships and communication.

3. Demonstrates nurse autonomy and accountability-with her students and the qualities she portrays.

4. Control over nursing practice and the practice environment, educating her students on best practices and evidence-based practice.

5. Support for education is exemplified through her role as an educator for the Chamberlain College of Nursing.

6. Concern for patient safety is paramount which is reflected in her as a role model for her students and through her students.

Maureen’s personality is contagious! We are lucky to have her on our floor, as the staff, APN, Manager and Clinical Operations Assistants all enjoy working with her and her students. Maureen is an exemplary educator and an outstanding role model!