Mary Pabst

Mary Pabst, PhD, RN-C

Mary Pabst, PhD, RN-C

Elmhurst College, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Elmhurst, IL
United States

My name is Debra Rodgers and I am a soon to be a graduate of the inaugural cohort of the Nursing Master’s Entry Program at Elmhurst College. I am writing to you today on behalf of myself and my entire cohort to nominate Mary Pabst, PhD, RN for the DAISY Faculty Award at this year’s Convocation Ceremony.

 We experienced the loss of Dr. Pabst recently after an incredibly brave fight with cancer.

The purpose of this letter is to describe why Dr. Pabst deserves the DAISY Faculty Award. I will begin with the fact that myself and my nine other classmates would not be graduating in less than a month without her. She started this program with vision, determination, and focus. She interviewed each and every one of us, “hand picked us”, if you will. She believed in us, especially when we probably didn’t even believe in ourselves. Dr. Pabst had an overwhelming ability to put people at ease. During the busiest and most stressed times, she could relieve your fears and worry within minutes, and it was genuine.

 Dr. Pabst believed in community. She was dedicated to the community of students, Elmhurst College and the community beyond. For example, she provided her expertise in research and statistics to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital as a member of their research review board. She was committed to Sigma Theta Tau and assumed a leadership role each year. Across the college she was known for a strong voice for faculty while giving the administration her support through many activities. Faculty has told us about her “invisible work” that so often defined her loyalty and dedication. Even during her last days, she valiantly continued to send messages encouraging us to finish strong.

 Lastly, we were so impressed by her clinical knowledge and understanding of human behavior. Her clinical expertise stretched across many years from her days as an Army nurse in Vietnam, to assuming leadership positions at Rush University, etc and finally here at Elmhurst College.

As we approached graduation the undergraduate and graduate students were all asked to identify who they felt most deserved the DAISY Faculty Award. Among the entire Elmhurst College Department of Nursing, the students’ choice was Dr. Mary Pabst. She will be honored at our Convocation Ceremony by the entire graduating class with her family in attendance.

Thank you for this opportunity to express our gratitude to our wonderful Dr. Pabst.


Debra Rodgers

Nursing Master’s Entry 2016