Mary Lynn Brown

Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek, Awardee Mary Lynn Brown, and Dean Victoria Niederhauser

Mary Lynn Brown, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, ANP-BC, CNE

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, College of Nursing
Knoxville, TN
United States

Dr. Mary Lynn Brown has been a faculty member at the University of Tennessee, College of Nursing since 1997.   She is a content specialist in cardiac, pulmonary, vascular, shock, and trauma adult nursing. She currently serves as the Concentration Coordinator for Adult Health NP/CNS Program, and has developed a CNS Program for nurses at UTMC. She is passionate about providing excellent clinical care and currently teaches students in the clinical setting. She also designs simulation lab experiences to challenge students to think critically and develop comfort with complex skills.

Dr. Brown’s nominator said that her philosophy of teaching is to set a high bar of excellence, and then help students develop stepping stones to reach high goals. As an experienced critical care nurse she is comfortable caring for complex, acutely-ill patients. She makes sure that students provide appropriate care and develop essential skills. This past semester a senior nursing student was caring for a patient with terminal pancreatic cancer. The patient refused basic hygienic care for several days but, the student knew it was essential for her to be bathed, have mouth care, and to be turned. Dr. Brown assisted the student and initiated the conversation with the patient about the importance of skin care.