Martha Boughen


Martha Boughen

California State University CSU Dominguez Hills, School of Nursing
Carson, CA
United States

Ms. Martha Boughen has been a long-term part-time instructor at California State University-Dominguez Hills since 1994. She is also the course content expert of BSN 410/411 (Home Health Nursing Courses). Martha’s teaching style, collaboration, and creativity in curriculum development speak to the following two award categories: Providing an environment conducive to learning and critical thinking as well as demonstrating leadership in curriculum development and teaching.

For example, one of the “most insightfulâ€Ã_ learning experiences in the BSN 411 class is weekly “reflection for service learningâ€Ã_. Using a model for reflection, students are guided through a critical thinking process about the very complex aspects of home health and hospice they experience during their clinical rotation. Through this reflection, students continue to learn, as they critique the “meaningâ€Ã_ of the “livedâ€Ã_ experience. Self-appraisal and critical thinking skills are strengthened. Students are able to focus on the “big pictureâ€Ã_ as well as the smallest nursing action that might have occurred. Even a perceived negative event is brought into perspective through this process. Students validate professional practice as well as personal self-worth.

As the course content expert, Martha consistently shows leadership and encouraging those with experience to share in this process. She checks with assigned instructors each semester offering guidance and support. Her syllabus is continually updated reflecting contemporary nursing practice in home health and hospice. Her communication skills are exemplary.

In addition, Martha not only has great knowledge and experience in home health nursing, but also very admirable passion in home health care. While she only works part-time at the School of Nursing, she has been actively involved in BSN curriculum revision taskforce which requires her to review documents, complete concept mapping, and participate in monthly meetings. Martha is also a key member of the BSN clinical team where we develop and revise clinical forms and handbook. Lastly, she is always “be thereâ€Ã_ for new instructors who are assigned to teach home health nursing courses. The instructors and the coordinator alike appreciate her mentorship and guidance to the instructors.