Mark Garcia


Mark Garcia, MSN-Ed, RN

Chamberlain University College of Nursing (Phoenix)
Phoenix, AZ
United States
Professor Garcia educates with finesse and his energy feeds the room, which allows us to bloom.

Professor Garcia is a delight to have as a professor in Lab. I come into lab with questions and somewhat unprepared, but after Professor Garcia explains the material and/or the situation of the individual in Lab, he paints a picture and allows me to absorb more and critically think in my every move. Professor Garcia educates with finesse and his energy feeds the room, which allows us to bloom. He is patient, compassionate and eager to teach. He has gone above and beyond to make time for me and elaborate on all my questions. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Professor Garcia for an exam review where he made time for me and explained what I got wrong with rationales utilizing objects that helped me identify more of the question. I am a visual/kinesthetic learner, in which the teaching methods he utilized were extremely beneficial for me. I am considering teaching one day, Lord willing, because of Professor Garcia.
Professor Garcia is an extraordinary instructor. He is always there to help us and takes his time teaching us. He goes above and beyond and is very encouraging to us. He believes in us, but most importantly, he is always there and offers his help if we need help with anything.
Professor Garcia goes above and beyond to assist us in any way we need. His teaching style is great, and he makes it easier to understand difficult subjects. He is always available to assist us and answer our questions.
Professor Garcia has been amazing this session with Sim Lab and helping me improve my clinical skills and my confidence. He does a great job presenting and teaching the information without overloading us. You can tell that he honestly cares about us and our success and since he is a Chamberlain graduate, he knows what we are going through and how all the classes are taught and intertwined. I am so thankful that he was my Lab instructor this session and am looking forward to having him as an instructor in the future.
He has been instrumental in helping me improve my clinical skills and knowledge of adult health care. He truly cares about his students and takes into consideration the amount of stress we're under when discussing and teaching different topics, making sure he doesn't overload us more while still getting the information conveyed to us that we need to succeed. He has been a fantastic professor and I would be thrilled to have him again in any capacity.