Lourdes Cody

Lourdes Cody

Lourdes Cody

University of West Georgia; Tanner Health System School of Nursing
Carrollton, GA
United States

Lourdes has been a nurse for 29 years and has been a nursing instructor for the last 5 years.

From the students:

“A teacher who really cares about you. Having a teacher who wants to see you succeed, and will go to any limits to see you do this.â€Ã_

“Mrs. Cody is an amazing instructor who embodies the caring philosophy of the UWG nursing dept.â€Ã_

“As a student I do not feel defeated by my mistakes in simulation. Mrs. Cody is the reason I can forgive myself and recognize the value of simulation. “

From the faculty and staff:

“Having worked alongside Lourdes for many years I can attest to her passion for teaching.â€Ã_

“I have worked for Mrs. Cody for several years now and I have found her to consistently display a very caring, cooperative, kind, gentle, and calm demeanor.â€Ã_

“This nurse educator exemplifies the kind of faculty member that students, colleagues, staff and administrators recognize as an exemplary educator and an outstanding role model.â€Ã_