Lorene Martin


Lorene Martin, MSN, RN, CRNP

Kent State University College of Nursing
Salem, OH
United States

Lorene Martin, MSN, RN, CRNP is a senior lecturer in the College of Nursing, at the Kent State University Salem Campus.  Lorene received the following two nominations:

 - Lorene makes her students actively engage in class and is always available for private meetings. I appreciate her professionalism and friendliness in both the classroom and clinical settings. She made a point to learn all of our names and literally made us participate in class which really helped me to stay motivated. In one instance, I was struggling in a nursing class and I met with her. She told me not to quit, to keep on doing my best, and she helped by suggesting some test taking strategies. She then told me to come into her office once a week to go over class content, and she reassured me when she said that nursing is not all about test taking ability. I passed the class with a B and I will never forget her support and encouragement in a time when I was feeling like dropping out of the program.

 - I had Lorene as an instructor during my undergraduate career at KSU Salem. Lorene is devoted to student learning and really inspired me to continue to set the bar higher for myself and when caring for my patients. Now I am working with Lorene as a faculty member. She spends her days off mentoring and meeting with students. The College of Nursing is lucky to have Lorene because she truly is dedicated to our students and to helping them succeed. She developed a mentoring program that has allowed our students help each other. She was also a mentor to me during my first year as faculty. Lorene is passionate about educating future nurses and mentoring new educators.

Those are just two examples of the kind of impact faculty like Lorene Martin can have on our students and faculty members alike. Congratulations, Lorene!