Lisa Ogawa

Lisa Ogawa

Lisa Ogawa

University of Kansas School of Nursing
Kansas City, KS
United States

I have had the tremendous pleasure and greatest opportunity to be a witness, student and mentoree of Dr. Ogawa over the last three years while in the Masters of Science in Nursing and Healthcare Educator program. Dr. Ogawa possess what holistic nurse educators should, strong educator, mentorship and leadership skills. I have taken two online courses taught by Dr. Ogawa; NRSG 748, Theories for Research and Practice and NRSG 873, Teaching with Technologies. In these courses Dr. Ogawa demonstrated professional qualities that reflects excellence in nursing education. Aside from courses, she has continued to be a mentor to me through my graduate nursing education, research development and nursing educator endeavors. She has recently accepted leadership in my oral examination where I continue to work closely with her in my preparation. She has fostered my development as an advanced nurse professional and educator by allowing me opportunities to use my creative and artistic personality to develop who I am in advance nursing roles.

Dr. Ogawa creates an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching, learning and student development. She affords graduate nursing students the diverse opportunity to express our thoughts and brings to the forefront actions that directly affect how we develop professionally. She has the unique ability to provide her student's with unbiased individualized support both in person and in the online nursing education environment. She uses collaborative and innovate teaching approaches that allow her students to expand their critical thinking skills and grow academically while using their past life experiences to formulate new ideas and direction. She aids us in identifying our weaknesses and encourages us to formulate plans to turn them into strengths. Dr. Ogawa reaches out to her students individually. She lets us know that she cares about our educational experiences in all forms and is there to support us in our questions and development for academic and professional success. She allows us to implement transformative strategies that are genuine to our career focus and academic experience. After completion of one of Dr. Ogawa's courses, she continues to be a resource in the form of education and mentorship to her students. She helps fosters our growth as professionals and aids us in ascertaining tools needed for nursing education, clinical practice and leadership.

Dr. Ogawa not only excels in a nurse educator role, but also in her interprofessional collaboration with educator colleagues in her contributions to curriculum and graduate education development. Since she began at The University of Kansas School of Nursing in 2012 she continues to develop and teach new courses alongside formulating and completing new research. She works diligently on updating and improving the courses she manages. Dr. Ogawa ensures that students have improved delivery of current content, assignments and projects that allow students to advance their knowledge and critical thinking in the areas being studied. She excels at delivering content in the asynchronous and synchronous environment of online education. She makes herself available for student questions and delivers prompt feedback on assignments. Her feedback allows students insight into their work that encourages additional understanding and development of material being covered.

Dr. Ogawa has demonstrated excellence in nursing education and demonstrates all the qualities and core values set out by The National League for Nursing (NLN) in its mission that is guided by four dynamic and integrated core values: caring, integrity, diversity and excellence. She not only inhabits these core values in nursing education and mentorship, but leads with great enthusiasm and passion. Dr. Ogawa is upholds the integrity of the nurse educator profession. She is holistic in her approach as a mentor, preceptor, leader and role-model to her students and peers alike. Her educator leadership attributes of patience, confidence, mindfulness, respect for others, attention to detail, interprofessional skills and teamwork, accountability, self-worth and motivation inspire my advanced nursing professional clinical and educator practices. I strive to implement these nurse leadership qualities in my daily nursing practices and value the qualities she has cultivated in me. With her mentorship, I have had the ability to formulate my own model of professional nurse educator that meets the core values of a nursing educator outlined by the NLN as well as meets the attributes that Dr. Ogawa role-models to her students and peers.

Dr. Ogawa, is by far, one of the most inspiring nurse educators I have encountered. She truly cares about the student, the student experience and creating an environment that is non-judgmental and holistic to learn and grow in. She leads by example and with radiating passion of her career. She supports her students in achieving their goals and expanding to seek something greater than themselves. Dr. Ogawa provides herself as a resource to her students and peers in way of nursing education, research and clinical excellence. In her advanced nursing profession and educator career, Dr. Ogawa has received much recognition demonstrating her leadership and distinguished academic and faculty attributes and achievements. Dr. Ogawa is worthy of recognition of the prestiguious Daisy Faculty Award at The University of Kansas School of Nursing for her contributions to the graduate nursing program in forms of excellence in nursing education, mentorship and leadership.

This nomination of Dr. Lisa Ogawa comes without reservation and highest recommendation to receive the 2015 Daisy Faculty Award. She has demonstrated multidimensional and holistic nurse educator and leadership qualities in areas of nursing education, research, clinical practice, professionalism and student promotion and development.

Dr. Ogawa has been an extraordinary professor and outstanding mentor to me as I have attended KUMC as a doctoral student. She has consistently demonstrated professionalism and respect through our long hours of developing my scholarly work. Her recommendations have been clear and always what was needed. Her ability to understand the role of adult students while maintaining the professional academic relationship has been impressive to myself and others who have worked closely with her. Her expertise in academia has allowed me to be successful as a student. I could not have completed this program without her wise guidance and support. Her vast knowledge of nursing is exemplified as a professor and revealed through her interactions with students. She demonstrates sincere care for every student to reach their goals. She has been my cheerleader and my role model for excellence in nursing education and practice, showing genuine interest in my success. Dr. Ogawa continued to provide unequivocal support throughout the entire course of my doctoral education.

Dr. Ogawa has shown expertise in her abilities as a professor, a nurse, an educator, and a colleague. At one point I was having difficulty with an extensive assignment that I had laboriously poured hours working through its details. Dr. Ogawa counseled me in my approach with this assignment and clearly influenced my decision with the direction it should go. I often think of the wisdom she shared in this moment and how it has influenced my life in many patient encounters. She continues to show professionalism toward all students with a genuine desire for their success. Dr. Ogawa is an outstanding example of a Daisy award winner. She demonstrates compassion, leadership, clinical astuteness, and prowess in every endeavor she undertakes to partner with students to be successful.