Kryshonda Alleyne


Kryshonda Alleyne, MN, APRN, FNP-C

LSU-Health New Orleans School of Nursing
New Orleans, LA
United States
She makes simple facts meaningful and applies them to real situations...I can tell that she really cares about her students succeeding in their professions as nurses

Ms. Alleyne always goes above and beyond for her students. When faced with the corona virus pandemic, Ms. Alleyne was more than willing to reach out and help her students on a mental and spiritual level. She offered to meet with us at any time to answer any questions and help us cope with the situations we were dealing with. I truly appreciate all of her efforts in and out of the classroom. She shows care and compassion for all of her students.
Mrs. Alleyne has shown continuous examples of compassionate care to Ochsner's ICU and school faculty and to her students in the clinical rotation. She is an inspiration to many in the class she teaches as she is in school yet still has time to put us first as learners. Mrs. Alleyne taught her clinical students the importance of the "little things" and made us feel comfortable in the clinical setting by encouraging knowledge and skill gain often. Her personal and professional commitment to LSUHSC School of Nursing is evident in her lectures; she is to-the-point and purposeful in her lectures. She makes simple facts meaningful and applies them to real situations. She is a natural leader, making clear her standards and evaluation techniques. I am so proud to say she has been a powerful mentor and influencer throughout my time with her as my faculty. I believe she exhibits the School of Nursing Core Values thoroughly.
I am nominating her because she is excited to see her students every time we walk into class. She tells us how exciting we make her mornings, and she always gives us the excitement we need early in the morning. She encourages us when we do the right thing and corrects us when we are in need of a little help. Even during the online class we had last week, she still made her students feel excited. I am not that great at memorization, but she has helped me to remember stuff she told us on the first week of class because she drills it into our minds while still providing fun examples. I can tell that she really cares about her students succeeding in their professions as nurses.
Mrs. Alleyne supports students in the classroom and in the clinical setting. At the ICU level, she encourages her clinical students to develop their skills and practice autonomy in the health care field. She provides hands on, one on one and group education whenever possible. She will sit down with you personally and explore resources and education tools for theory concepts that you do not understand. She does this all while practicing as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner and being enrolled in school herself. She sets a wonderful example of the importance of climbing the ladder in your nursing career (as well as time management). Throughout the challenging time of isolated learning environments during COVID-19, Mrs. Alleyene has provided frequent updates, hosted zoom meetings for students to express their worries, and been flexible and professional as a teacher. I am thankful for Mrs. Alleyne and the ICU course at LSU HSC School of Nursing.