Kim Litwack


Kim Litwack, PhD, RN, FAAN, APNP

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, College of Nursing
Milwaukee, WI
United States

Dr. Kim Litwack has been highly nominate for the DAISY Faculty Award. Dr. Litwack is the coordinator of the UHG cohort post-master's graduate certificate Nurse Practitioner program and is also the professor for my practicum course.Dr. Litwack's judgment, sound reason are just a few of the reasons for this nomination.Dr. Litwack's diligence and dedication to the profession are clear and evident by her more than 30 years in nursing education.Dr. Litwack's clinical expertise presents in her publications and intellectual contributions.She is influential and respected by more than a few reputable nursing societies such as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, The Wisconsin Nurses Association and the American Society of Peri-Anesthesia Nurses.Dr. Litwack represents not only the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee but the nursing profession as a whole by her demonstration of commitment and excellence throughout her career.In the classroom, Dr. Litwack sets forth standards of criteria that place her students above and beyond in ranking and ability to become nurse practitioners who have evolved in the fore-front of primary care. Self-assessments were requirements throughout of one of my practicum courses.These allowed the students to evaluate strengths and areas to improve, learning objectives, comments about practicum and interactions with patients and preceptors.The self-evaluations noted progress towards achievements re-evaluations of our strengths and goals for the next semester.Self-assessment is key for any nursing professional as it allows one to better understand one's self in order to understand those we serve.