Kim Brannagan


Kim Brannagan, PhD, RN, MBA, BS Ed.

Loyola University New Orleans School of Nursing
New Orleans, LA
United States

Dr. Kim Brannagan, PhD, MBA, BSN DAISY Faculty Award Recipient 2012 Modeled after the DAISY Award for exceptional nurses, the DAISY Faculty award acknowledges outstanding academic nursing faculty, by means of a national recognition program. Further, the award is meant to demonstrate appreciation to nursing educators for their commitment to the profession and inspirational influence on their students. Candidates been selected by an external review committee for exhibiting evidence of: outstanding practice contributions to healthcare or health services, significant scholarship, and service to the university and/or the community, during the last calendar year. Kim Brannagan is the excellent honoree who was selected by the DAISY committee in a blinded review of nominees because she is an outstanding faculty member and consummate human being. She consistently demonstrates excellence in her educational role for the upcoming leaders of nursing and health care systems management. She has an approachable yet professional demeanor and is a wonderful example of a well-rounded educator who is an inspiration to her students and colleagues. She always fosters the development of leadership skills and business savvy in both nursing and health care systems fields. She has given generously of herself to facilitate the progression of students and other professionals along the steep learning curve of the graduate nursing program. She is an excellent researcher and a very productive scholar. She serves has served on many high level committees such as faculty senate, the faculty senate executive committee, salary compression committee, and she also chairs the visibility committee in the graduate nursing program. Kim has demonstrated a steadfast drive to become an exemplary nurse, business leader, and nurse educator over the years. She is a motivated, mature and enthusiastic colleague and mentor. She has wonderful communication and interaction skills enhancing her capacity to work with students, colleagues, and the community to further the reputation and goals of Loyola University. Kim is a woman of strong faith, integrity, and values. She serves her family, church, and the Loyola community as a prayer warrior and advocate for Jesuit pedagogy. She is self-directed, well- organized, eager to learn and to take on new challenges. She demonstrates perseverance, professionalism, and the ability to take responsibility for her actions. Kim is a leader and an incredible asset to the nursing program at Loyola and our profession at large.

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