Judith Patterson


Judith Patterson, RN, MSN

Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Science
Cincinnati, OH
United States

DAISY Award Nomination for Judy Patterson

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty recognizes a faculty member that demonstrates clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care.  The award nomination form goes on to state that the nurse educator exemplifies the kind of faculty member that students, colleagues, staff and administrators recognize as an exemplary educator and an outstanding role model.  I would like to nominate Judy Patterson for this significant award. Judy is the individual who demonstrates all of these characteristics.  She is an outstanding educator that has the ability to work with students from all backgrounds and situations.  She demonstrates expertise in the classroom and students have repeatedly commented on her ability to take the most difficult content and make it understandable and meaningful.  She provides classroom presentations that are engaging and she uses a variety of assessment tools and teaching strategies to promote student learning.  She spends time with students outside of the classroom to ensure that they have the understanding they need about complex content. As students are enrolling in clinical rotations, students request to be in her group for their clinical experiences.  She works diligently to ensure that her students receive the best and the most meaningful clinical experiences.  She motivates students to achieve to the highest level. 

                She brings to the College and to her students a commitment to excellence in education.  She is recognized by the faculty as being a role model of professional nursing.  She shares a wealth of expertise about education, curriculum design, test construction and educational best practices.  She serves on several committees in the college.  She has also served as a mentor for new faculty and a preceptor for MSN students. Her excellent work is also recognized and respected by TriHealth administrators and staff.  She has served on and led several TriHealth committees. 

All of these characteristics describe a DAISY Award recipient but, the cornerstone of the DAISY award is caring and compassion.   Judy is an extraordinary educator that has demonstrated caring and compassion in her interactions with students and therefore has made a difference in their lives and their educational experience.  This is what makes her the ideal nominee for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.