Judith Chodil


Judith Chodil

California State University CSU Dominguez Hills, School of Nursing
Carson, CA
United States

This letter formally nominates Professor Emerita Judith Chodil for the 2011-2012 Daisy Faculty Award given by the School of Nursing of California State University - Dominguez Hills. This exceptional individual is highly deserving of this honor because of her many contributions to our nursing programs. Professor Chodil’s dedication to her peers and colleagues, her multiple students, and the professions of nursing and teaching is truly exemplary.

Dr. Chodil has served with excellence at CSUDH in many capacities. As a full-time full Professor has had a significant impact on curriculum development, research, and faculty development. Over her career she has actively influenced the growth and development of many programs and policies, especially at the graduate level. Her steadfast dedication to the CSUDH School of Nursing has had a significant impact on the quality and integrity of programs.

Upon retirement, Dr. Chodil was honored with the title of Professor Emerita. While she was eligible for full retirement, she chose to continue teaching, part-time in a program offered to CSU faculty know as Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). This program is of vital importance to the School of Nursing. FERP entitles a senior master teacher to continue as faculty part-time for five (5) years. Her willingness to serve as a guide and mentor to junior faculty in their professional development has been critical. She has continued to teach as a part-time faculty member and routinely attends the School of Nursing Faculty meetings. Her participation is both thoughtful and insightful. Her decision making process is firmly based on the ethical principles of the Nursing Profession.

Most notable is Dr. Chodil’s continued willingness to embrace ‘the new’, especially in the area of technology. While many others might have chosen to retire (or to continue to teach) using the skills of their past, Dr. Chodil has always role-modeled the value of ‘life-long learning’. She is inspirational in this regard – continuously learning, revising, incorporating and synthesizing what is best of the ‘new’ while concurrently maintaining and exemplifying the long-standing core values of the Nursing Profession and the program’s mission and vision.

It is with a sense of pride and gratitude that we nominate Professor Judith Chodil to become the recipient of the 2011-2012 CSUDH School of Nursing Daisy Faculty Award.