Jodie Bryan

Jodie Bryan RN, MSN, MPH (L) and Colleen Needham RN, MSN, FNP (R) DAISY Faculty Award Honorees from the University of West Georgia

Jodie Bryan, RN, MSN, MPH

University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA
United States
She makes me excited to learn and be a nurse.

Professor Bryan is a Nurse Educator who is not the typical professor.  I am lucky enough to have her for a second class right now.  When I saw that she was teaching it I literally jumped for joy.  The amazing thing about Professor Bryan is how open and real she is with her students.  She makes herself available to her students literally 24/7.  She is able to incorporate real life issues and experiences with our readings and classwork which makes coming to class a little bit more bearable.  She is encouraging, engaging and incredibly bright.  Students love how open she is with her opinions, and accepting others as they are.  She is the type of nurse, woman and mother that I aspire to be.  I think she deserves this award because she is so selfless doing things for others she needs to do something for herself.  I hope that I will have her again in my future courses.  If she could teach every one of my classes I would love that.  UWG Nursing is very lucky to have an educator like Professor Bryan.  She is a role model to all of her students, and truly loved dearly by them all.  You will never see her with a frown on her face, or a negative attitude.  She makes me excited to learn and be a nurse.  I look forward to her class just because I love hearing her enthusiasm about life.