Jocelyn Bessette Gorlin


Jocelyn Bessette Gorlin, PhD, MSN, RN, CPNP

St. Catherine University
St. Paul, MN
United States

Jocelyn B. Gorlin has played an outstanding role as an educator, a bedside nurse practitioner, and role model for all. Her enthusiasm for pediatric nursing exudes such positive energy, and she has a great passion for teaching. She never fails to say "hi" or chat with her students with her bubbly personality or to help students de-stress by visiting her dog. She has been known to advocate for her students and works well with her faculty team members. She is very kind, caring, confident in her knowledge and skills, and an excellent teacher (both in and out of clinical). Her passions and positivity motivate others to be the best they can be and to have confidence in themselves.


Jocelyn Bessette Gorlin is the perfect example of a DAISY nurse. She is genuine and professional in all her interactions with students and is a wonderful role model for pediatric nurses. All of Jocelyn's lectures were filled with enthusiasm and passion for pediatrics. She kept her lectures interesting and relevant, using case studies when appropriate to engage learners. She is fair and unbiased and takes interest in every student. She recognizes students for hard work and is always encouraging. We are lucky to have Jocelyn!


Jocelyn Bessette-Gorlin not only puts forth all her energy while with her students to give them the best and most valuable information she can provide us but does it in such a way that makes her students feel like they are valued by her and that she is excited to be here with us. I was briefly talking with Jocelyn one day about something I had going on and a week later she remembered it and checked in with me during a busy class to make sure everything was well. That really stuck out to me, because we had just met, and she was being introduced to 90 new nursing students all at once, but still checked in on me. That really meant a lot! I can truly feel her good, warm energy and how excited she is to be at St. Kate's working with nursing students.


Jocelyn displayed excellent communication skills throughout our time in the nursing program. She serves as a strong leader both in the clinical setting, as well as the classroom. Jocelyn's interactions with health care professionals in the clinical setting and with other faculty serves as an excellent example for her qualities as a nurse leader. Every class period I am fully aware of Jocelyn's passion for nursing. She arrives everyday enthusiastic to teach, which aids us in our learning. Thanks to her positive attitude, Jocelyn creates an environment, where we are excited to come to class and learn. Jocelyn does her best to learn about each student.  She motivates me to pursue my interests within the field of nursing. As a student who wishes to pursue a career within pediatric oncology/hematology, Jocelyn has presented me with information and shared stories that she feels would benefit my learning. Having a professor who tried to know me, and my interests positively impacted my experience in the St. Kate's nursing program.  She facilitates learning through her confidence in herself as a nurse and the patience she displays with us as students. Through her optimistic, caring attitude Jocelyn inspires learning and motivates students to be the best nurses we can be.