JeanMarie Digges


JeanMarie Digges, MSN, RN

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing
Richmond, VA
United States
Her dedication to making things the best they can be for her students is unending.

JeanMarie Digges deserves this award for many reasons. JeanMarie continually amazes me with her quiet spirit and her behind the scenes ways of getting things done. JeanMarie came to Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing as a new nurse educator and embraced all of the challenges that came with her new role. Because of her quiet ways, many are not aware of all of the great things JeanMarie has done for the college and for her students. JeanMarie promotes collaboration and learning among peers and students. In the traditional classroom, she has actively sought the feedback of her students in order to enhance their learning and promote classroom learning. JeanMarie revised lesson plans to be more interactive and less lecture.

JeanMarie implemented a collaborative classroom setting by sitting students in learning groups as opposed to traditional lecture seating. Her students come to class prepared to be active in their learning as opposed to passively taking it all in. In the online classroom, she is adept at developing relationships and working with at-risk students so they are successful. JeanMarie models best practices for online engagement and practices. In addition, her faculty peers will tell you that JeanMarie mentors them in the courses that they are teaching together. She is always there to provide assistance to her peers and to collaboratively make changes that improve the quality of the course. Her dedication to making things the best they can be for her students is unending. Service: JeanMarie has been active in Global Outreach for the last three years. JeanMarie has served on the Global Outreach Committee, Remote Area Medical in Grundy, Virginia and Team Haiti. Her quiet yet strong leadership skills have been instrumental in the success of these teams. Her service to the college, students, and her peers is exemplary.