Jean Boucher


Jean Boucher, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, AOCNP

UMass Medical School, Graduate School of Nursing
Worcester, MA
United States
Her first word is usually "yes" and "I can do that"

Jean Boucher is an extraordinary professional. Jean is a compassionate dedicated professional who exemplifies the best characteristics of nursing. Jean understands the importance of listening - as a Palliative Care specialist she understands the importance of active listening to meet the needs of her patients and families. She uses this essential skill when communicating with her students and faculty colleagues
Jean is humble to a fault. She will often give credit to others when her contribution was as or more integral to the outcome. She uses her empathic nature to assist all - students, colleagues. I have worked with Jean in the Dominican Republic (DR) on our mission trip. She deftly surveys the situation and navigates the interactions without confrontation. She can negotiate a successful outcome without alienating anyone or animosity towards anyone.
Jean demonstrates passion for her program, her students, and oncology nursing. She is passionate about her family, friends, her dog Penny - anyone in Jean's life gets the benefit of her love and passion.
Jean is flexible and willing to consider change and evolution. She is the consummate team player - committed to success in whatever she undertakes. Her first word is usually "yes" and "I can do that".
Jean holds herself to a high level of nursing professionalism. She is without guile and exemplifies authenticity in her teaching, administrating and in her leadership
Jean is tremendously patient, positive and exudes enthusiasm in all she does. She cares about the quality of her work not only for her own sense of accomplishment but most importantly for the benefit of her students, the GSN and her profession.
Jean embraces diversity of thought, culture and beliefs. She has been integral in promoting and working for the DR BHI Program. There has been much change to the program surrounding mission and focus. Jean has navigated this change as a courageous leader - promoting the transition which has been challenging. The trip's mission has changed to focus on the people of the bateyes, and Jean has embraced this change - she has been an important role model for the students and faculty - the change has been accepted and the trip is successful and progressing, thanks to Jean's leadership.