Eva Blight


Eva Blight, DNP, RNC, PNP-PC, NNP-BC

Tyler Junior College
Tyler, TX
United States
She is nonjudgmental, caring, and compassionate for everyone and is selfless in her teaching and helping of others.

I have had Dr. Blight for my level 3 clinical instructor as well as having her during lecture. I'm nominating her because I've never had a professor care so much for not only her students, but her fellow colleagues (faculty) as well. Our first assignment of the semester was an "introduce yourself to the class" assignment. I've never had an instructor comment on every single student’s introductory post in a way that shows she read our introductions personally. (Honestly, I've never known of someone to take the TIME to do so). I've never had an instructor who has encouraged me and pushed me to dig deeper into understanding how a disease is the way it is and how I, as a soon to be nurse, am going to take care of that patient with that disease. If there was something that I was struggling with, I knew I could ask her and she would guide me to find that answer without making me feel incompetent. She's one of the very few professors I've had that makes lecture fun and intriguing. I'm like a kid who gets their favorite storybook read to them when she lectures. She has a way of making the information she presents in lecture stick. I have a mental disability and she has helped calm me down before/after a test and offered advice and guidance when needed. Nursing school can make you feel like a failure and make you feel like you're barely going to scrape by. Dr. Blight makes sure to encourage us, and guide us, and help us in any way she can. Sometimes we get canvas notifications at 3am that shows that she's been up working on something for us to make sure we have everything we could possibly need for lecture or clinical or an exam or whatever it is. She is nonjudgmental, caring, compassionate for everyone and is selfless in her teaching and helping of others. There is no other professor like Dr. Blight and I am blessed to have had her.