Debra Kosko


Debra Kosko

East Carolina University College of Nursing
Greenville, NC
United States

Ms. Kosko since joined the College of Nursing Faculty in 2009. She is an exceptional faculty member who demonstrates expertise and flexibility in her teaching capabilities. Ms. Kosko can be counted on to rise to the occasion to meet program needs. For example, she willingly accepted a new assignment to lead the implementation of Medatrax, a digital clinical monitoring system for AGNP/FNP concentration students. This system will allow for more standardized evaluation of student clinical experiences and provide data for program evaluation.

Ms. Kosko’s storied career reflects a commitment to excellence and life-long learning. Building upon a successful clinical career as an FNP, she impacts healthcare through teaching in the AGNP and FNP MSN concentrations, sharing her expertise in primary care with an emphasis in HIV management.

Ms. Kosko balances her scholarly work with an outgoing clinical practice, leadership, advocacy and management of primary care issues related to HIV. She is known at the local, state and national and international levels for her attention to detail and willingness to share her translation of this knowledge with others. She has presented her published work in peer-reviewed journals as well as disseminated this important information at discipline-specific scientific conferences.

Ms. Kosko continues to teach one course in the CNM concentration. This meets the program goal of collaboration with other concentrations and has generated reciprocal collaborations beneficial to students in both concentrations. Furthermore, she has continued work with the global, Nicaragua Health project includes nurse practitioner student opportunities; introducing them to interprofessional healthcare in a global environment; a process which has been an asset to both the College of Nursing and the School of Medicine.

She is working toward her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at George Washington University. This will strengthen her impressive credentials and professional portfolio. I wholeheartedly recommend (Ms. Kosko) as a recipient of the DAISY Award in acknowledgement of her continuing contributions.