Deanna Allison

Deanna Allison, MSN, RN

Deanna Allison, MSN, RN

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing
Richmond, VA
United States
she spends countless hours working with the students both during normal work hours and on her evenings/weekends

The College has established specific criteria for DAISY nominations, and in each category, Deanna contributes significantly to her students, her colleagues and her community.

During Deanna’s time at the College she has consistently supported her students and contributed to program improvements.

Deanna is a highly engaged teacher who goes the extra mile to ensure that her students are supported.  She collaborated with other course faculty in the redesigned of Professional Nursing Concepts.  She has served as the course lead in Adult Nursing Science I Practicum for multiple years and has led the faculty in making many improvements to the simulations and post-conference activities. Deanna routinely meets with her students one-on-one as they navigate the challenges of acclimating to nursing school and to clinical practice.


As the Student Government Organization Advisor, Deanna is actively engaged in helping to shape student leaders.  Outside of the required meetings associated with this position, she spends countless hours working with the students both during normal work hours and on her evenings/weekends.  She has given generously of her personal time to the College.

Last year, Deanna approached another faculty about collaborating to support our students in establishing a National Student Nurses Association chapter here at the College.  The group is on track to have an established chapter during the next academic year.

Deanna consistently seeks out new and innovative means to deliver information in both the classroom and clinical settings.  She regularly participates in professional development via webinars and conferences.  This fall she presented a poster at a Med Surg conference.