Cynthia Bowers


Cynthia Bowers, DNP, RN, CNE

University of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
United States
Dr. Bowers is passionate about nursing and the impact all nurses can have on our communities.

Working full time while serving as President of the Indiana Organization of Nurse Executives is a full plate but when you add in attending school for my Doctorate in Nursing Practice it can easily get overwhelming. Dr. Bowers was always there for me, she kept me focused, she was a kind ear, she provided constructive feedback and always had a sense of humor. There were times I didn't think I could continue, and Dr. Bowers always gave me the strength to continue because she believed in me. She has been a wonderful mentor and is a great asset to the department of nursing and the university. I'm not sure I would be graduating this May if it weren't for her support and guidance.

Dr. Bowers has been a strong mentor and role model for me ever since I entered the DNP program. She is passionate about nursing and the impact all nurses can have on our communities. Her passion transfers to me as a student, even when I am dealing with life's frustrations. During the summer of my second year, I experienced a relapse of PTSD. Dr. Bowers was fully engaged with me and empathetic to my situation. She and Dr. Hall worked with me to relax my course schedule and continue my DNP pursuit.

Dr. Bowers regularly checked-in on me to make sure I was personally doing well. I experience the skills and abilities that Dr. Bowers has mastered as I continue this journey of education. She is an excellent resource and able to direct me to other resources when needed. She wants ALL of the University of Indiana students to be successful. Dr. Bowers is selfless as demonstrated by her willingness to make time for me (and all other students) after hours and on weekends if needed.

My goal is to teach nursing at the Masters or Doctorate level and I hope that I can emulate the leadership skills that Dr. Bowers has demonstrated to me and all of her students.