Crystal Chavez


Crystal Chavez

California State University CSU Dominguez Hills, School of Nursing
Carson, CA
United States

A faculty member takes on many challenges. Our awardee wrote: “I conducted lab on Saturday and all went well. I went to my hotel, (I usually stay there so I don't have to commute 90 miles in traffic). I looked up from doing email and saw black smoke billowing past my window. I jumped up to see the car parked next to mine in a full inferno and my car catching fire. By the time I got downstairs, my car was completely engulfed in flames (my 2012 Toyota Highlander with 11,000 miles)! I was pretty upset about losing my car, but all I could think about was no matter what - I had to do lab in the morning!!! I had a taxi pick me up in the morning and went to campus. Luckily, I have always taken my lab supplies into the hotel. I always felt that if my car was ever stolen they weren't going to get my reflex hammers, tuning forks, and oto-opthalmoscopes!â€Ã_

The California State University, Dominguez Hills, School of Nursing is pleased to honor Crystal Chavez for the Daisy Faculty award. Crystal has served the school for more than 20 years and has seen and participated in its many evolutions including the move in 2010 to the Skills Lab. She has served as the course content expert for BSN Assessment course for several years, up until her recent retirement. In this capacity she has coordinated the skills component of BSN 381 (Health Assessment) course with 10 sections scheduled per semester.

She mentored veteran and new faculty who were assigned to teach BSN Assessment course. Another part-time faculty member wrote,â€Ã_ Crystal Chavez is a great mentor with Blackboard (online platform) and courses and takes time from her day to answer any questions or explain Bb. She will demonstrate or talk you through any computer/Blackboard issues and I really appreciate everything she does!â€Ã_

Crystal demonstrates the criteria for the Daisy award in all respects. She is an excellent educator possessing the ability to engage students. She has high, yet realistic expectations of students. She is fair, objective and consistent. One semester, she taught a distance student-from a very long distance. He was deployed in Afghanistan at the time. He wrote: “Hi Crystal, I do not have the words to thank you for your support and encouragement during all these missions and keeping up with class.â€Ã_ The School of Nursing can think of no one better to receive this award.