Colleen Needham

Jodie Bryan RN, MSN, MPH (L) and Colleen Needham RN, MSN, FNP (R) DAISY Faculty Award Honorees from the University of West Georgia

Colleen Needham, RN, MSN, FNP

University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA
United States
I just want to put Ms. Colleen in my pocket and take her with me when I graduate! So that I can use her like a Magic 8 ball and ask her what I should do in different scenarios

Colleen was nominated by 2 students and 1 faculty. Here is the nomination letter from the faculty member:

I am writing this letter in support of my nomination for the DAISY Faculty Award. I would like to nominate Colleen Needham as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. Colleen is an exemplary educator and an outstanding role model.

In December 2016, Colleen and I were planning for the spring semester in Newnan Skills/Sim Lab for the course that I coordinate: Clinical Practice I (CPI) course. Instead of doing things the way we have "always' done them, Colleen came to the planning meeting with an innovative suggestion on how to deliver the course in a more efficient manner. She suggested I structure the course into small groups (6 to 8 students each) and have each group rotate through skills and simulation every other week, allowing CPI faculty to teach the same subject matter 2 weeks in a row. The smaller groups have allowed more interactive learning with the first semester nursing students, which I believe is an ideal way to teach these students. The CPI faculty are able to demonstrate and supervise skills practice and closely monitor the students as they practice newly acquired skills in the lab. In addition, these smaller groups allow for individual simulation practice and the ability to tailor our teaching based on student need.

Just last week, one of our students who is a visual learner, was struggling in debriefing in the simulation lab at Newnan. Colleen and I were working with a group of 8 students and discussing the simulation scenario. One particular student had a frown on her face and was very confused and not connecting with the learning environment. Colleen recognized her struggle and consulted with me, suggesting we alter our teaching style to better assist this student's learning. We then tailored her debriefing to be more specific for her visual learning style. This student at the end of the day approached Colleen and I and stated: "I just want to thank you for taking extra time to sit with me and go over my video with me. I have never had any teacher care as much as you did to make sure I learned". Colleen invests in all of her students this way. She researches teaching approaches and suggestions on how to "reach" the students that are struggling. I had another Clinical Practice Ill student comment on Colleen's investment in her students as well. This student stated: "I just want to put Ms. Colleen in my pocket and take her with me when I graduate! So that I can use her like a Magic 8 ball and ask her what I should do in different scenarios!"

These are just a couple of examples of why I believe Colleen is deserving of the DAISY Faculty Award for 2017.

Here are the nomination letters from the students: 

Student 1

Colleen is a Simulation educator/expert. She is a wonderful encourager and great advocate for the student population. If she sees that we are struggling with a certain skill she will offer opportunities for us to utilize the skills lab in order for us to gain confidence. If there is ever a problem with or during simulation, she is quick to help solve the problem and also there to give us advice on troubleshooting in order for us to achieve the best outcome. She has been extremely patient with every student even during the most frustrating of times. She loves to motivate students to continue with their progress in nursing school and has a "never give up" attitude towards any situation. I know if Colleen is there or involved is some way, I can be relaxed and confident that things will work out.

Student 2

Colleen really seems to have our (the students) best interest at heart.  She has worked extremely hard to ensure that our simulation experiences are as close to the "real thing" as possible.  Her hard work and dedication are evident and should not go unnoticed.  It is obvious that Colleen takes pride in her work and really shows a passion for educating nursing students.  She is a valuable asset to the UWG SON team and deserves countless amounts of praise and admiration.  She possesses a personality that really gets one feeling motivated and a propensity for making one want to learn.  I owe a great deal of thanks and adoration to Colleen, and I hope cohorts in the future have the pleasure of learning from her.