Colette Baudoin


Colette Baudoin, MSN, RN, OCN

LSU-Health New Orleans School of Nursing
New Orleans, LA
United States
Upon learning that a group of students needed her assistance, she volunteered to take over the group and orient, prepare, teach and nurture these students so that they could be prepared for the next level.

Mrs. B is truly an outstanding role model for the students and faculty of the school of nursing. This past semester she stepped up and became a clinical instructor for a group of students when they needed her the most. By doing so she exhibited a personal and professional commitment toward her students and the faculty. Mrs. B has been a wonderful mentor to me and my fellow peers. She constantly demonstrates leadership qualities and promotes the advancement for the art and science of nursing. As an instructor she wants the best for all her students and provides everyone the opportunities to succeed. She is the type of nurse that I want to become.
Mrs. B is such an inspiration to her students. She is beyond encouraging, informative, and helpful. Not only is she helpful in clinical, but also in the classroom and in real life situations. She is someone that I ultimately look up to and is someone that I strive to be like in my future as a nurse. I am so thankful for her!
I met Mrs. B over the summer as I received my first starfish alert from a class I was taking. She, being my academic advisor, agreed to meet with me and help me with my studies. Not only did she give me great tips but sat down and made me an entire study schedule until the test. Mrs. B met with me for about an hour that day, and even told me that if I had any questions about the class I was taking (which she was not a teacher for) that I should reach out to her. This interaction was something I would not forget. Mrs. B goes above and beyond in everything that she does. She is a great role model and a great nurse to learn from. She is knowledgeable about her specialty and really pushes her students during clinical. I had the pleasure of learning from her for my first foundations clinical in which she prepared me exceptionally for adult clinical which I am currently in. During foundations, we had not had our medication administration lab yet, however we had started clinical. Mrs. B went out of her way to bring supplies to clinical to teach us med administration so that we would be prepared to administer meds during clinical. She also brought catheter supplies so that we would have a preview in that area as well.
She cares for her student's success and goes the extra mile to pursue academic excellence for her students. Aside from Mrs. B being the best teacher and mentor, as I have had the opportunity to get to know her through clinical and through meetings about academics, I know that Mrs. B is very busy in her personal life as well. Mrs. B is currently continuing her education and is very relatable when it comes to academics. She always says that she understands us sometimes because she is currently in school. Aside from her professional development, Mrs. B also had a lot of personal things going on last semester for example (her daughter was having a baby any day towards the end of our clinical, her son and husband also had things going on medically and she was busy with her adult class especially last semester). With that being said, Mrs. B never let any of her personal life interfere with her ability to teach and be there for her students. She continued to work long hours for us, was very flexible with clinical, and even met us for care plan help. I just do not understand how Mrs. B manages it all and continues to be an outstanding professor. Recently I had her for lecture and she did not read from the slides as she knows the information well and made the lecture very engaging. She played Kahoot with us to ensure our understanding of the material after lecture. Lastly, Mrs. B is very professional. She is not one to treat students like students, but rather as fellow colleagues and adults. She is not one to be quick to give answers, and truly develops critical thinking skills among students. She is not a friend to students, in other words she is a great person to go to, to "tell you how it is," and never sugar coat anything. Mrs. B exemplifies all of LSU Nursing's Core Values and is someone that can be a role model to other faculty. If you don't know Mrs. B, you should get to know her because she is an outstanding role model and mentor. Thank you.
Having worked in nursing for 34+ years, I have encountered many excellent nurses and employees. Colette Baudoin is at the top of that list. She has gone above and beyond to help out foundations last semester and this semester. Please assist me in recognizing Mrs. Colette Baudoin for assisting the foundations faculty with a very challenging situation. Upon learning that a group of our students were behind in their clinical skills, Colette jumped in and volunteered to take the students under her wing and bring them up to our LSU Standard of Excellence. This is the third time she has assisted this particular group due to inadequate orientation, preparation, teaching and lack of initiative on the part of another faculty. It is dedication like hers that contributes to our success. Every idea she shared and opportunity she seized has helped us stay on track in foundations. Her hard work with our students is the fuel we need to continue to make our program a success. There are not enough works to express how much I admire her dedication to nursing and teaching our students. She truly deserves all our gratitude and recognition.
Colette has taken on foundations students in addition to her own adult health students in the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020. Upon learning that a group of students needed her assistance, she volunteered to take over the group and orient, prepare, teach and nurture these students so that they could be prepared for the next level. Colette has gone above and beyond to help the foundations students gain the love of nursing that we all share. She deserves the recognition of the whole school of nursing.
Ms. Baudoin has gone above and beyond to assist in the Foundation education of our students. Throughout this school year, she has taken extra clinical assignments, mentored new faculty, spent time on numerous occasions with new faculty in the clinical environment, conducted multiple orientations for students and has volunteered several times to assist in labs. She truly is a valuable member of the faculty and shows true caring and professionalism when it comes to student learning experiences. She is a shining example of how our core values should be modeled.