Clara Dawn Zibricky

Clara Dawn Zibricky with 2 graduating nursing students

Clara Dawn Zibricky, EdD, RN, CSN

Elmhurst College
Elmhurst, IL
United States
Dr. Zibricky exemplifies the type of nurse we all aspire to become.

Elmhurst Colleges’ BSN & Master’s Entry Class of 2017 have chosen Dr. Dawn Zibricky for the DAISY Faculty Award. Dr. Zibricky is an educator who encourages and motivates students to reach their fullest potential. Dr. Z. goes above and beyond in supporting students in both the classroom and clinical setting. She highly values the individual experiences of all nursing students. Dr. Z. equips all students with the necessary tools and resources to be successful throughout their nursing school career. The amount of time and dedication she commits to her students and to the nursing profession, as a whole, is truly remarkable. We are so grateful to have had the privilege to learn and be inspired by a professor as dedicated, understanding, caring, and compassionate as Dr. Zibricky. Not only is she dedicated to the nursing students at Elmhurst College, but she is also an outstanding contributor to the Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy (ELSA) program at Elmhurst College. To hear about all of the contributions she has made, as a community health nurse and leader, is very inspiring. She exemplifies the type of nurse we all aspire to become.