Christina Purfeerst

Christina Purfeerst

Christina Purfeerst

St. Catherine University, Department of Nursing
St Paul, MN
United States

Here is what students said about Chris Purfeerst:

Chris is the type of nurse and person we as students all strive to become. In the classroom and in the clinical setting, Chris is supportive, kind, and patient. She shows her genuine compassion for others by her tough-love and persistent attitude. Chris pushes her students (and patients) out of their comfort zone, though never too far as to harm their confidence. One instance where Chris was especially helpful was during my first experience with an emergency situation where my patient was experiencing a stroke. As much as I wanted to step back or run away and let the professionals take over, Chris directed me through the entire situation while supporting me and asking me how I was doing. Overall, Chris treats every student, faculty, and patient with respect and always goes the extra mile in order to provide exemplary care. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model!

Chris Purfeerst is the perfect example of a teacher who demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and nursing. She truly did inspire me to be the best nurse that I can be. She not only is a great motivator, but she is also a great listener. I can tell that she has a genuine interest in making sure that we do well as nursing students, and she makes sure that any issues are addressed. She is approachable and helped me when I had an issue during school. She went above and beyond my expectations of any educator that I have had in the past. She is a great advocate for students and actively makes changes when we express our concerns. She goes above and beyond to make sure that we succeed as students. Chris demonstrates caring, patience, and flexibility. I believe that she should be recognized for all of the hard work and compassion that she puts into the success and learning of her students.

Chris Purfeerst embodies excellence as a nurse educator by always being available when students need help and being present with students. One time at clinical I was struggling making a connection with my patient and Chris Purfeerst recognized that and took me aside and asked me about it. She was patient and listened while we talked over why I was having trouble and then she gave me some advice. Her advice was to see all patients as a puzzle and to ask "why" they are in the hospital. In addition she emphasized seeing the patient as "mother, father, sister, brother." She practices what she teaches and is amazing at creating a therapeutic relationship with patients by helping being caring and knowledgeable. She is someone many of us look up to, and I hope to become as good of a nurse as she is someday.

Chris Purfeerst Is an absolutely phenomenal clinical instructor within the nursing program. She continually comes to clinical eager to teach us and watch us succeed. Though we may not have confidence in ourselves, Chris always believes in us and pushes us because she knows we can succeed.

Chris Purfeerst Chris is an amazing clinical instructor and teacher. I was lucky enough to learn from her at my first junior year clinical rotation, and I seriously learned so much from her. She is so patient, kind, and encouraging but also challenges you. She makes you feel empowered in a safe learning environment and pushes you to get new experiences. Not only did I grow in my own skills, but seeing her work was such a good learning experience. If I'm anything close to the nurse she is someday I will be happy. I learned so much from Chris and think that she absolutely represents St. Kates in the way we hope, and she is a perfect example of an extraordinary faculty member. Thank you Chris!!

I would like to nominate Chris Purfeerst for the Daisy Faculty Award because she is always willing to sit down to answer questions I have and take time during clinical to help me expand my knowledge on the patient's medical diagnosis that I was assigned to. She demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching, and she has not only inspired me but also motivated me to take in all of the experiences I can at clinical.