Cheryl Miller


Cheryl Miller, MSN, RN

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
United States

Cheryl continuously uses her knowledge from her previous role as a clinical nurse specialist to relate the material in the classroom to actual practice. Cheryl offers advice from her previous experiences and fosters a comfortable environment in which we can discuss our clinical experiences.  Cheryl is extremely honest in her evaluations, with the intended purpose of pushing students to own their future title of CNL.  She works hard to facilitate a positive and challenging learning environment for students.

No one wants Cheryl to leave/retire.  She is regularly a go-to professor for letters of recommendation or professional advice. Cheryl is available to work one-on-one with students if they are struggling or would like additional practice with their nursing skills.  Cheryl will utilize her colleagues Amy and Rhoda to fill in gaps where she knows that she is lacking the proper knowledge or knows that they would be a better reference source given their backgrounds.  She encourages critical thinking and collaboration among students.

In summary, Cheryl deserves this award as evidenced by the excellence in nursing skills displayed among each of her students.