Cara Busenhart


Cara Busenhart, Ph.D., CNM, APRN, FACNM

University of Kansas School of Nursing
Kansas City, KS
United States
Dr. Busenhart's personality is vibrant and her passion for advance practice nursing is contagious.

II had few experiences with Dr. Busenhart my first couple of years in the DNP program, as she taught primarily for the nurse-midwifery program. I knew from the moment I met her, I had to have her as a part of my DNP Project. Her personality is vibrant and her passion for advance practice nursing is contagious. A couple of years later, I found myself embarking on my DNP project, and asking Dr. Busenhart to be my Project Chair. She agreed and we got started.
My project planning was going well, I had completed my proposal and gotten approved. I was about to start my project, when I received a notification from the nurse practitioner at my project site that the clinic would be closing soon. I was devastated. Immediately, feelings of panic started rushing through my body. Less than a day later, I received a phone call from Sr. Busenhart, on a weekend I might add. She told me she had spoken to the clinic site, and I would be able to complete my project as planned. Dr. Busenhart made me quickly feel at ease, that she had my back and would be there for me every step of the way. It was in these moments that Dr. Busenhart helped to not only make me a better advanced practice nurse, but to make me a better person. At every project meeting, Dr. Busenhart lifted me up while also guiding me along the way and provided the constructive criticism that I needed to ensure my project was impactful and carried out exactly how I had envisioned. Throughout the process, Dr. Busenhart was easily accessible, quick to reply, friendly, warm and welcoming. A faculty member that builds students up in the way Dr. Busenhart does, should never go unnoticed. She is truly growing advanced practice nursing students one by one and making us all better nurses. Not only has Dr. Busenhart become an outstanding role model for me to look up to as an advanced practice nurse, she has shown me extraordinary strength and compassion in her role. I know this because, in those moments of my panic, I'm sure she had many other responsibilities to worry about, but she never showed this.
Even though I know she was project chair for several other students, every time we met, she gave me her undivided attention. This made me feel important and truly valued as a student and future advance practice nurse. I can only hope to be able to be the same outstanding role model in my future advanced practice role as Dr. Busenhart has been for me and many other students.