Bonnie Webster


Bonnie Webster, MS, RN, BC

UTMB School of Nursing
Galveston, TX
United States
She has a true desire to assist students in becoming the best nurse possible

I would like to nominate Bonnie Webster for the Faculty DAISY Award. I have enlisted other faculty to provide stories as well, to further illustrate how valuable and well loved she is. What’s true for me is the same thing that stands out the most when I asked for stories from others about her: Bonnie is ALWAYS helpful and will make time for you, no matter what it is you need. It’s the consistency of her dedication to her coworkers, as well as to her students, that is so outstanding. Bonnie has helped me numerous times with testing software and set up. It began with PAR, and moved to Perception. She loads the software, and then walks you through each step needed to understand and conduct testing. She did this for the Perception question bank with me, to just show me what was available in case the MSN program moved to that. This is all on her own time, when she could be working on her own courses and business. 

In my opinion, Bonnie Webster is one of the hardest working members of this faculty. She works consistently to assure that the pediatric nursing course is well prepared and running smoothly for the benefit of student learning. She is accessible to her students and co-faculty members.  Bonnie works diligently to make time to meet with students throughout the course should problems arise.  I have been copied on emails where she has offered to come to her office for early hours in order to meet with students in order to accommodate schedules. She communicates all student expectations in a clear manner that is consistent with SON policy, but is also understanding of sensitive issues which might occur in a student’s life as they progress through the program. She has a true desire to assist students in becoming the best nurse possible. Bonnie promotes a fair and just atmosphere within the classroom setting. Pediatrics aside, Bonnie also works tirelessly to assist all of her fellow faculty members with issues related to technology. Putting her own obligations aside, she will make time in her busy schedule to help anyone. 

Bonnie is always not only available to the students, she's always available to the faculty & staff. I don't know how she gets work done....we are always in there asking her for assistance and she never turns anybody away no matter how busy she is. Also, she wears many hats. One in particular is to ensure our schedules all align. She also spends an abundance of her time assisting me, Laura, Dwayne …actually a lot of faculty with blackboard,  and perception. She always remains positive and never complains.