Anne Marie Simmons


Anne Marie Simmons, PhD, RN

Concordia College - New York
Bronxville, NY
United States

Dr. Anne Marie Simmons is a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award.  As a nurse educator, she exemplifies the kind of faculty member that students, colleagues, staff and administrators recognize as an exemplary educator and an outstanding role model. 

She is an exemplary educator because she dedicates her spare time to teaching her students.  She is always willing to answer questions and teach her students in a different way so that they may understand the content better.  Her clinical knowledge and educational background shine in the classroom which enhances the learning environment.

She has shown compassion and leadership in her role as faculty advisor for Concordia College Nursing Honor Society and is leading the way as the Honor Society applies for chapter membership in Sigma Theta Tau.  In her role as Director of the RN-BS Completion program, her leadership has led to the success of this program and ultimately she has contributed to the success of her RN students as they are on their journey in professional development. 

Dr. Anne Marie Simmons is energetic and passionate about the profession of nursing and this inspires her students.