Angel Boling


Angel Boling, PhD (c), MSN, RN

Baptist College of Health Sciences
Memphis, TN
United States
...Mrs. Boling takes information from textbooks and simplifies it in a way that makes sense and we can honestly apply it to a patient out in the field.

Mrs. Boling has served as a role model of professional nursing from the very first advising meeting I had with her. During that time, she was able to explain that everyone has their struggles, and that learning how to cope and succeed during difficult times never goes away. She was able to relate to me as I was beginning my nursing journey, and as she was also furthering her education, at the time. During this meeting, she was able to express her passion for nursing as we were getting to know each other. From that meeting on, I have looked up to and regarded her as a role model and would love to be half the nurse she is, one day.     


During my Adult II clinical experience, when Mrs. Boling came in and gave the lecture about burns, she was able to bring her passion regarding her experience with burn patients and teaching nursing to a spear head. I do not think a single student left that classroom wanting to be anything other than a nurse specializing in care of burns. I definitely believe that she always demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and nursing that inspires and motivates students.  She explains disease processes in a way that brings the lesson to life, as the disease occurs in the body. For example, from her burns lecture she explained the nursing process as we treat burn patients depending on where they are in the disease process. The best way to describe this is that she takes information from textbooks and simplifies it in a way that makes sense and we can honestly apply it to a patient out in the field. From that lesson on, whenever she was in class, she was able to break down difficult disease processes in ways that no longer left us guessing where, what, or how. Everything had a place, had a connection, and related to something else, and she helped us walk through those processes. She always makes sure we are not stressed out, and when we are, she continues to break it down, until it makes sense.


Mrs. Boling is fair and unbiased in her treatment of individual students. I remember multiple times during class, after class in the hallway, and in meetings when she did not treat any student any differently when talking to them. She has always made herself equally available to all students. Furthermore, she instills in every student that we need to be able to talk to different professionals in a professional way. She gives credit where credit is due. I have been given the opportunity to know Mrs. Boling since before Health Assessment, and since then I have developed a collaborative working relationship with her. The cool part is that I know I am not the only student who has had this opportunity.


Mrs. Boling inspires all of us to aspire to be the best nurses we can be, never quit, and always do what is right for our patients. She does this in so many ways, but almost always with three simple questions: what, why, and how. I cannot begin to thank Mrs. Boling for how much she has helped me personally, and professionally.