Given the pandemic, it is possible that collecting DAISY nominations electronically may be more important now than ever. There are several companies that feature the ability to do so. We are not endorsing any of them but want you to be aware of your options.
You may create your own form on your website. Please refer to our brand standards in The Resource Center.
We have a list of DAISY-approved Vendors so please check with your Regional Program Team. If you have a provider/vendor not on the list that you would like to use to collect DAISY Nominations electronically and would like our help, we are happy to speak with them directly. Click here to contact your regional DAISY team.

URL/QR Electronic Nomination Platforms:

Interactive Television Platforms:

Provides interactive patient care- anytime, anywhere.

These companies offer their clients an electronic DAISY nomination form directly on the patient’s television. The interactive platform explains The DAISY Foundation and helps patients or families share their story instantly. 

Nomination Forms via Cellphones:

 Patient Rounding Platforms:

Nurse Manager Engagement System: