Best Practices For DAISY Presentations During COVID-19

Clearly, these days, given the pandemic, it is not “business as usual” so we thank you for continuing to honor your nurses on an ongoing basis with The DAISY Award.  We know you might have to get creative with future selection and celebrations but now more than ever they need this encouragement and recognition. Click here for a message from DAISY co-founders Bonnie and Mark Barnes about why recognition is especially meaningful in the age of the coronavirus. Feel free to share this with your nurses.

We are here if you have any questions about the program and look forward to our continued partnership in honoring your Extraordinary Nurses!

Here are some ideas for you to continue to recognize your nurses during this time.

Selection Committee – Go Electronic! Consider:

  • Pre-selection by DAISY Coordinator
  • Scanning and emailing to Committee members the pre-selected nominations
  • Committee members read and score nominations and send back to the DAISY Coordinator.  If you don’t have a scoring system/rubric click here for an example or perhaps they send back to the coordinator their top three or five selections.
  • Using Skype/Teams/FaceTime/Zoom other services if the committee needs to have a virtual discussion
  • Continue to recognize your Nominees with their nomination/thank you card/pin

 Presentations- Consider:

  • Smaller audience or a one on one meeting with the CNO to celebrate Honoree for now
  • Record the award celebration to share with hospital, friends/family of Honoree, with Hospital’s social media
  • Broadcast the award celebration on one of your patient channels so that people can watch on TV 
  • Skype/Teams/FaceTime/Zoom other services to include person who wrote nomination and Honorees family
  • Plan a way to bring all those nurses recognized during this difficult time together for a large reception at a later date

Please take care of yourselves and each other. We all need you today and for the long haul.  Don’t ever forget the difference you make every day with everything you do. We are here for you, as you are always here for us as patients and families.