Young Chang


Young Chang

Charter College
Anchorage, AK
United States
"she will be a great nurse. I was so thankful for her sweetness"

Young Chang was a student nurse with me on PCU with a patient that had a very difficult story.  He came in with chest pain and found a 7x4x3 cm mass in his lungs.  His son was a radiology tech and knew it looked bad and was obviously upset and crying.  The doctor informed the patient it looked most like a very aggressive form of cancer.  The patient himself was upset and crying. As I had grown attached to them, I myself was crying.  But I was extrememly moved by Young, sitting next to myself and the patient, crying herself.  

Though she had just met the patient and learned his sad story, she felt his pain and was moved to tears by the emotion in the room.  She was very intent on assisting me in getting him to the quickest appointments we could for determining scans and never appeared to be uninterested or feel we were going above and beyond.  She simply stated, " Why wouldn't we do this for him?"

That is the kind of attitude I would want caring for myself or my family member. "Why would I not try my hardest?  Why would I not give it everything I have and all my emotion?".  

The patient came back a few months later to express his gratitude for the care that day and mentioned Young by name stating, "she will be a great nurse.  I was so thankful for her sweetness".