Samantha Bennett


Samantha Bennett, RN, BSN

Bethel College School of Nursing
Mishawaka, IN
United States

This student has such a compassionate heart. She sometimes has a hard exterior, but I have been so impressed at her deep love for her patients. She inspires me to be a better nurse, that is involved more holistically in my patient's care.


One day, Samantha called the chaplain to go into a patient's room, because she noticed that the patient was in great spiritual distress. She also gave away her favorite Bible verse card to a patient on a different day, because she saw the need in the patient's life due to the patient's new diagnosis. Many times, at clinical post conference she is distressed about not being able to help the patient in all areas. She is consistently filled with compassion for her patients. Sometimes, she would come into post conference distraught about an unjust situation with one of her patients. She goes above and beyond for her patients.

I have been so impressed with her holistic care, compassion, and her fight for the rights of her patients. Samantha Bennett will be a fantastic nurse someday very soon. I respect her and would trust her with my life. Thank you for your example, Sam! 


Samantha was assigned to a patient featured in an article entitled "Cancer patient gets last wish." Due to the kindness and compassion from the nursing staff and students, this patient was able to be present for his daughter's wedding that the staff set up in the hospital, as his health took a sudden turn for the worst.  Before Spring Break, Samantha cared for him and listened to his questions about faith in God.  She came to me requesting my opinion of a perfect Bible verse to help him.  I suggested the bookmark that I had created for all my students in the Management clinical.  I had listed 10 of my favorite Bible verses for them to read during their clinical days.  She eagerly gave it to him and spent time listening to him, encouraging him in his new-found faith.  During Spring Break, she texted me to tell of the wedding story on Facebook, then two days later she texted me to tell of his death.  We cried together and knew that we had been part of the story.  She was very moved by his story and we talked about it often.  I encouraged her to tell her classmates in Post Conference and we all had tears in our eyes.