Riley Adams


Riley Adams, BSN

University of Texas, Tyler School of Nursing
Tyler, TX
United States
Riley conveys genuine caring that transcends spoken language

Riley epitomizes what it means to be a nurse. In her role as a nursing student, she exemplifies caring and compassion to all. I had the opportunity to get to know her while she was a student in the China Nursing Travel Study. The way she interacted with everyone she came into contact with demonstrates how nursing is not just her career, but her profession and way of life.
In the airport, a fellow student was having a difficult time with the heat, humidity, and general conditions. Riley went out of her way to help the student with luggage, food, and a drink.
In the hospitals we visited, Riley found a way to connect with patients, family members, and hospital staff. Despite communication barriers, Riley conveys genuine caring that transcends spoken language. I saw her cause multiple people to smile and engage with her. This demonstrates true caring and compassion that exemplifies nursing at its finest, even when barriers and challenges are present.
We toured a NICU, and although our interaction with the patients was minimal, she demonstrated caring compassion to the tiniest of patients by seeking to understand the nursing implications behind their care - content she had not yet received in school. She went above and beyond to learn the information needed to understand how their health needs were being met. Her genuine compassion was communicated to the NICU staff, and it was evident that this positively enhanced the entire caring environment.
While out in the community, she observed a bicycle pulling a cart carrying garbage topple over. She got up from where she was seated and rushed over to help the man place the garbage back on the cart. Who does that? Riley Adams does.
I cannot think of a more deserving nurse than Riley Adams. Since getting to know Riley Adams, I have learned that she has volunteered in Guatemala to help provide care in the remotest parts of that country. She has a passion for serving others through her nursing knowledge, and her caring spirit undergirds all her actions. I highly commend Riley Adams for her exceptional dedication and hard work as a caring nursing student.