Nancy Abraham


Nancy Abraham, BSN, RN

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Nancy "is respectful of everyone, hardworking, and kind... always willing to help her classmates and serves as a great role model to those around her. She truly makes a positive impact on her community. ... one of those people that you can trust with anything, and she remains understanding and nonjudgmental. These qualities allow her to be a safe-haven for her patients and her peers. She is eloquent when she speaks and has excellent communication skills. Her positive attitude and enthusiastic approach allow her to be successful in each of her endeavors. ...not only (is she) an outstanding nurse in training, but naturally exemplifies what it means to be a great person. ...her modest approach, her instinctive ability to care for others, her advocacy for what is right, and her leadership experiences. I am proud to know Nancy, as she makes our world a better place."
"Always willing to lend a helping hand to aid in teamwork. She gives her all to create a safe, caring space for all patients. She is a joy to be around and we can all learn something from her giving nature."