Mary Suits


Mary Suits, BSN

The University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler, TX
United States
But, something about Mary's technique, showing them how to set up dimensional analysis, clicked. Both of them said Mary helped them "get it".

Mary is a dynamic student and all-around individual in several ways.  First, Mary is a very dedicated and hardworking student.  She has performed well academically as well as in the clinical setting for her Leadership/Management course.  As her instructor, she has demonstrated a truly caring and professional attitude.  She always has a smile on her face and her patients praise her with appreciation for her compassion while at their bedside, but Mary goes beyond just being a nursing student.  She has been working as a Nurse Extern at one of the local hospitals while in school as well as a Student Worker on the Longview campus.  She also serves in other capacities as the Vice President of the Nurses Christian Fellowship organization as well as President of the SNA organization on the Longview Campus.  Mary is a very dedicated individual.


Mary goes above and beyond in everything she does. She acts as a mentor to fellow students by sharing her knowledge and study techniques. She often holds study groups outside of the classroom to assist weaker students in grasping key concepts for an upcoming exam.   She pushes others to give 110% all of the time and acts as an exemplary role model for her peers.  Mary will likely continue to be a leader in nursing as she moves forward in her practice.


Mary is an exceptional student and person.  I will share one story.  I had 2 students in Nsg Competencies (Level 1) who were struggling with dosage calculations. In fact, they were unsuccessful at passing the first 2 dosage calculation tests.  They had one more shot.  I asked Mary if she would help tutor them and she agreed.  I told the students to contact Mary and I hadn't heard much about what happened until the day of their re-take.  Both showed up at my door smiling.  I asked them if they had met with Mary and they said "yes".  I asked them, "Are you ready for this?" and both replied, absolutely confident, that they were ready.  Afterwards, both received passing scores.  When I asked one student if Mary was helpful.  She said that at first, she didn't think Mary could help her.  But, something about Mary's technique, showing them how to set up dimensional analysis, clicked.  Both of them said Mary helped them "get it".  I don't know what Mary did, but she helped these students pass.  We in Longview are fortunate to have Mary!


Mary could not have a better sense of compassion. She embodies it in all that she does.  During our class participation in the Hello, end of life conversation, Mary recognized that some of the students at her table felt uncomfortable in their "share" and would respond in superficial answers. Mary shared so openly a story about speaking with her parents about the topic and how much peace it brought her parents and the family. How the peace resonated into her own understanding that the topic is as germane to life as is any other related to health and wellness. As she communicated the experience with her parents the other students were able to relate hers to their own experiences and their anticipated experiences.  They began to delve deeper, emotionally. Mary will go out of her way to make another person comfortable, even if it means exposing her own vulnerabilities that actually translate to strengths.